The Andalucia Bike Race 2021 had really unpleasant consequences for Team Trek-Pirelli. During the fourth stage, after Samuele Porro had already crashed in Stage 3, Daniel Geismayr was involved in a crash and forced to abandon the Spanish race.
No fracture was detected during the initial visit at the Iberian hospital, but it was only after a few days and the continuing pain that Daniel went back to the hospital at  his home in Austria to double check, and this time, the doctors found a fracture of the head of his left femur.

This Wednesday morning, Daniel underwent surgery to reduce the fracture and we are glad to announce that everything went perfectly and Daniel is already back home to start his recovery.The program will now be four weeks of rest before hopefully getting the green light to get back on the bike asap.

I am really upset because it was a stupid crash, like many others in my career. I thought it was just a big impact, but once I got home, I started to have some serious difficulty walking and so I went for a second hospital check up. The doctors saw the fracture and immediately hospitalized me. Now a very difficult period begins for me. I have never had serious injuries in my career and these 4 weeks will represent the longest stop I have ever had off the bike. I have a strong and trained body and I know that this will allow me to recover quickly and get back to top form soon to reach important milestones together with my teammates. Teammates who have also proved to be friends and whom I want to thank, together with all the team staff, for their support in these difficult days“.

Team Trek Pirelli wishes Daniel a quick and prompt recovery and awaits him as always on the race fields. See you soon Dany!