``I started cycling at 5 years old with friends``

I started cycling at 5 years old with friends, we racing around the village every day. I was not competing apart from the “competitions” between us. From 1995 to 2008 I racing sledging on natural track, I won several national and international titles, but there’s no professional federation in this speciality.

``In 2007 I participated my first MTB race... ``

In 2006 my dad bought a new MTB and so I took his old one and started love to cycle. In 2007 in August I participated in my first MTB race at Vecia Ferovia MTB Race. I started without expectations but surprising I ended 2º and everything started from there. In 2012 I was really close to the medal at the Italian Championships in Lugagnano Val d’Arda (PC) ending in fourth place, that here I was part of the national team at the Saalfeden World Cup.

``In 2015 I oriented myself towards marathons and stage races.``

At the end of the season I signed my first contract with the Focus XC Italy Team for 2013-2014. In 2015 I oriented myself towards the long distance races, marathons and stage races. I signed then with the actual team and started to be at the top of speciality,
The desire to give everything, to work on myself and to fight for your dream every day, as well as to get up after the defeats and to continue is what I love about my sport. It is mainly long distance races and stage races where I have fun and test my skills. It is the passion and joy of this sport that drives me every day to fight hard for my goals and dreams.

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